Thursday, 10 November 2011

Unit 2: Space - Perspective Study - 1 Point

Hello Everyone,

Been working on perspective a little particularly with 1 point. I used this method to plot some basic dimension shapes to show my understanding in a primitive form. For my one point I used the classic Train Track perspective which dissipates into the distance.

I have even added colour depth to show my understanding of the objects in the space provided. The colour depth approach shows the inner workings without black lines to demonstrate 3d using colour passes.

As you can see above (1 point classic train track) there is a light emanating from the gap in the tunnel, while the level of depth is showcased in colour & fading black lines. This is the simplest analogy of one point perspective.
Next comes a series of objective exercises utilizing the same perspective as the train track. Please see above: Fig 1 shows the placement of primitive cubes in regard to a single perspective point. Fig 2 Shows the colour depth of cubes in regard to their placement in the space allotted. Fig 3 Shows the colour depth on its own with no need for line placement, notice the blue knocks the shape back while the orange & red moves the object forward.
Next comes a sphere pass utilizing the cube shapes as a visual base, this could be done with the perspective lines but I believe this approach simplifies the process. Please see above: Fig 4 shows the placement of the sphere objects with the use of additional perspective lines. Fig 5 Shows the spheres alone with their perspective lines demonstrating the future path of a 3d cylinder. Fig 6 shows the colour mediums with regard to the original box once again. The cylindrical shapes show their placement due to a reflective frontal light.
Next comes the creation of the cylindrical shell which is draped over the spheres. This process is key for planning a range of shapes in perspective, as mentioned it is a good thing to understand. Please see above: Fig 7 shows the sphere with a simple cover. Fig 8 Shows the cylinders on their own from the horizon line in perspective, the exterior shells are no longer needed. Fig 9 is a simplified metal colour, causing the cylinders to look like bullets.
Fig 10 is the consolidated result of everything. A basic understanding of primitives in perspective will allow me to assign items their required location and angle in space.

This concludes the use of space for the 1 point perspective, I may consider the use of this perspective for the desert of colours.

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