Saturday, 5 November 2011

Unit 2: Space - Supporting Research for Written Assignment

Analysing the expressionistic production design of Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” (1980)

Websites on Set Design & Stanley Kubrick

Iconic Set Design - The Shining

The Kubrick Corner – Analysis & Visual Theories

Reviews on the Shining

Rotten Tomatoes: The Shining

Mirrors, Mazes and Mayhem: Set Design and the Shining

Books on Stanley Kubrick & Production Design

The cinema of Stanley Kubrick

Production design: architects of the screen

Illustrations on the Shining & Set Design







  1. Just be a bit careful about this choice of film, Stitch. The real challenge of this assignment is not to talk in technical terms about film production (though that might feature) it is to talk about the thematic contribution to the narrative of the production design itself; so, the most acute example comes from Caligari, because the relationship between space and narrative is so marked. I suggest you find a film which has a more thematic relationship between visual concept and story, or otherwise risk writing an assignment that simply lists 'how' something got made in a particular way, as opposed to 'why'. Think thematically...

  2. Hey Phil,

    Thanks for the intel. I have altered my introduction (and research) from "Gladiator" to "The Shining". This is a classic and has plenty of thematical avenues for me to go down via set design. I've found some very nice articles as you can see above.

    Thanks for the advice Phil!