Thursday, 24 November 2011

Unit 2: Space - Preparatory Studies - The Silver City

Hello Everyone,

I got some preparatory studies for the Silver City to post, they are not as broad as The Desert of Colours but that is because I already knew the perspective I wanted for this concept. Instead I decided to elaborate on elements that I had to learn to make this concept look correct.

For these studies I demonstrate my use of texture, the studying of water falling (water falls), the conversion of day to night & the use of colour density in a book style template.

Anyway, the studies are as follows, enjoy:

Well Study 1 (above) shows my use of only 2 textures. The metal decal grating on the top of the silver city and a wooden texture for the draw bridge, the multiply blending mode is usually perfect for sinking flat single tone textures onto other items to provide creases and bumps on paintwork.

Study 2 (above) shows a small sample of natural water which I drew, I wanted to understand the flow and how it pooled creating temporary bubbles. I even experimented with some rocks here just to see how how water could impact them should I choose to use them for this concept.

Study 3 (above) shows me utilizing the principles learnt in study 2 only focusing more on the landing of the pooling water after a long drop. This was so my rendition of the silver city could expel water with its turbine bicycle style wheels, strange yes but I like the idea :)

Study 4 (above) shows my conversion of day to night, the thumbnail that inspired this concept (thumbnail 99) was waaaaay too bright. Hadn't realised it until I was mid way through. The conversion wasn't easy but once it was done I was able to paint some nice pink and purple tones into the black sky (my stylised fireworks) - I'm very proud of these...

Last but not least Study 5 (above) was a colour test utilizing blending modes on a worn piece of paper inside a book. I had originally considered to try and put this image in a book to demonstrate the use of it in the never ending story... I may still do this... Maybe not for this one though.

Anyway this concludes my prep for "The Silver City of Amarganth" I will get my final studies up on here for "The Ivory Tower" which will be epic let me tell you he he... I'll be posting more up on here soon enough.

Over & Out,

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