Saturday, 5 November 2011

Unit 2: Space - Creative Research - Final Fantasy IX

Hello Everyone,

Finally! I'm getting down to the project. I've been researching a number of sources today and found a relevance between 3 key produced concepts which I feel would support my progression into Unit 2: Space.

The first of which was my exploration into google images, after numerous environmental drawings I remembered back to my old games collection only to unearth Final Fantasy IX to the bounds of Alexandria castle from this initial image I managed to create a small breakdown of vibe italicising what I will be expecting from my final concepts.

As you can see (above) the style of Final Fantasy IX is very old fashioned with floating ships (ironically) adding a futuristic spin on an otherwise aged premise. From this image I was able to draw what I was looking for in my finished design, slowly weaning out my likes and dislikes. I have also entitled this project "The Neverending Project" I rather like this even if it is obvious, kind of poetic.

Next came my (very rough) image brainstorm specifically of images from the Final Fantasy franchise. I like the kid signature of the imagery, it is not too grown up or too scary as opposed to the Castlevania board. The sepia tones really do shout old fashioned but is contradicted by the vehicles & objects in the scenes.

I like the feeling these concepts provide, even the overgrown areas have majesty which I feel will work well with the Ivory Tower specifically. Anyway I hope this has provided some further depth into my potential concepts.

Over & Out,

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