Thursday, 24 November 2011

Unit 2: Space - Preparatory Studies - The Desert Of Colours

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I'm reigning in with a shower of posts tonight (its going to be a burnout!) Thought I'd start off with the one I feared the most, which is why there are multiple attempts at different thumbs. I wasn't really sure when I began sketching but I have a very good idea which one will be developed into my final.

Following this study will be the Silver City, where I will focus on the development of elements (namely the massive wheels). Anyway I haven't downsized these images from the standard 16:9 but I figured people would want to see whats going on in my head... I think I just scared myself...

Anyway here are the studies:

Study 1 (above) was one of my earlier thumbs, my problem with this was it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too empty. The mountains in the distance intrigued me but not enough to justify the perspective. The obstacles closest were just slapped in just to get the lay of the land...

Study 2 (above) I liked the use of colour in this one, I didn't want to deviate from the term "Colour" especially when I wanted to consider the Disney Colour Pallet. The colour here felt a little too definitive on the rocks. Thinking back I should have studied rock faces a little closer, but my concept did get better with Study 3.

Study 3 was my first and only 2 point perspective image it also lost the insane use of colour (which is probably what bugs me about this image). The detail of my rocks was much better for this piece. The problem was this image didn't really say anything of colour to me. It seemed too grown up not enough Disney.

Study 4 (above) peaked my interest earlier on in the thumbnail process (thumbnail 61). It was very basic block shapes from one of my galaxy brushes but something about it made sense. It could have been the angle of the rocks but something about this felt epic... The trees were like a gift from god here - perfectly out of focus to show space. The only thing it was missing was colour, I wanted to see the image flipped also...

...And so study 4 became study 5 (above). The subtleties enticed me it wasn't too strong and it wasn't weak. It felt like fantasy, for that reason this became the choice for me... it wasn't quite the Epic Mickey pallet but I didn't care. This image just feels right in every way, especially when I consider the source material, and the need to not be obvious mounds of sand dunes... the only thing missing - a rainbow ;)

Well that concludes these studies, stay tuned for the final (it will probably be posted at 7am) I doubt I'm going to get much sleep tonight. My other studies will follow this one.

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