Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Unit 3: Environment - Time Management

Hello Everyone,

The New Unit is here but before I reflect on its numerous complexities I would like to draw your attention to the new task board. It looks slightly bigger post it wise but that is purposely done. 50 Thumbnails done in 1 day are rushed and draw no inspiration because they can become a chore after numerous attempts. You also find that you are inspired differently on different days so, the work on another day could be better(the thumbnails are just 1 example).

I have calculated this board to allow me a level of rest and accept manageable portions of daily task load. (example - 50 thumbs are now done in intervals of 10 which may increase if I am particularly inspired on one or more days).

In this case particularly I have stuck the brief on the board with the semester time table so everything is within arms reach. If I have any questions or would like to research a specific element (aka Freud for this brief) the links are there packed, stuck & ready for me to use. I will be utilising the brief fully for this task - this is my moment!

Well there it is, I am looking rather hobo still but I am game for this Unit, had some time to play games last weekend so I am actually well rested which has been dragging me down for some time now.

Anyway, onwards & upwards - let the games begin!

Over & Out,

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