Saturday, 5 November 2011

Unit 2: Space - Creative Research - Epic Mickey

Hello Everyone,

For my final bulk of research I isolated the game Epic Mickey which I personally knew would be colourful and very charismatic. The signature surreal Disney artwork was my focal point for this project compiling an adult theme with a child-like humour. I want my concepts to be something engaging for children to maintain the Never Ending Story's current demographic but appeal to the elder generations as Michael Ende's book had intended.

The first of which was my exploration into google images, after numerous environmental drawings I remembered back to my old games collection only to unearth Final Fantasy IX to the bounds of Alexandria castle from this initial image I managed to create a small breakdown of vibe italicising what I will be expecting from my final concepts.

As you can see above the game's concept art awoke many unique traits. I want the concept to be colourful and fun but I also want that serious "unexpected" twist that would appeal to a new adult demographic, reaching audiences the likes of Pixar have achieved with their films. The central concept is an amazing piece which really engages the eye, both for colour and action.

Following the brainstorm I searched for further image traits relating to the inspired goal. The slanted buildings are signature but really involve the eye and a surreal melee. The daylight image of Cinderellas castle was very inspiring to demonstrate the differentiation of the dark Disney and light Disney. The slanting hybrid castle underneath is my favourite but I love my sinister imagery so that is a given.

I wish to create an active portrayal utilizing the thoughts and suggestions I have showcased in my researched studies. This will limit my range and allow me to isolate an effective and unique end result taking influences from multiple masters of practice. I guess this is the point where people can wish me luck, this is not going to be a cake walk but I look forward to the fight :)

Over & Out,

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  1. Hey Stitch,

    I really like your approach of Disny- surreal twist as your influences, makes it more exciting to see your thumbnails!! Speaking of Disney twists, Kingdom hearts also contains stuff of what you're aiming for. A lot of its world areas contain a light and dark twist in them. Here are some examples:

    Radiant garden:
    hollow bastion:
    the world that never was:
    Realm of darkness:
    Land of departure:
    Castle oblivion:

    Sorry its kinda a long list, but I hope these help towards your final images! Can't wait to see your thumbnails!! XD