Monday, 20 February 2012

Unit 4: Story Telling - Final Storyboards (Unedited)

Hello Everyone,

Just thought Id post this up before it slipped my mind or before I got carried away interlinking it. These are my final boards which I think convey the story on image alone (something which I am quite proud of). Some of the more awkward angles were done directly from the mind which is why there may be the odd fault on my part.

I also did some experimentation with pencil tones, my initial sketches were done with a 1b and my ones later were done with a 2b. Not difficult to tell the darker ones are more recent. My next round of images will be edited to show camera & character movement etc. I might not collate these onto the blog until they are animated in the form of a final video.

Well I hope you enjoyed the board, comments are welcome in fact it would be nice to here the story is conveyed nicely now. Now comes the really fun part, adding transitions, sfx & a music track :P I love it!

Thanks everyone for aiding me with advice it has been more then helpful, I will see you all in the funny pages!!!

Over & Out,

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