Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Unit 4: Story Telling - Life Class Week 10

Hello Everyone,

Just coming in with the latest updates from life class which has been missed I have to say. We got right back into it though by examining foreshortening something that I fear greatly & is probably my biggest weakness.

We had our usual warm up but the main sessions were comprised of us sitting on the floor to draw our subject at a more angular viewpoint. It was interesting thinking of the paper underneath her as grids I never considered that before...

Anyway onto the drawings of the class :)

Figure 1 (above) was the speed sketching stage of our class, requiring us to just get a feel of the gesture portrayed in the model. In hind sight I wish I had considered charcoal for this stage its more ideal for being quick and shows up better then a few rough little lines.

Figure 2 (above) was the same as the above (Fig 1) my paper was out of space so I managed to get 3 more roughs done before we actually moved on to the next stage. The lines were better here but again I consider the forms as shapes and without refining they never end up correct. Making a 2-5 minute time frame a difficulty.

Figure 3 (above) would come next requiring us to consider the form in perspective foreshortening. My angle was relatively flat which made the exposed hand the vital foreshortened point. With that said the hand was quite a difficulty it just wasn't pouring out of my brain correctly. I will be looking into solving this little issue.

Figure 4 (above) was the model in extreme foreshortening (at least from my angle). This was a great test for me which didn't end up too badly when I consider how wrong it was when I began. I even had time to spare for a little charcoal shading which I was rather proud of after it was applied.

Figure 5 (above) was my last sketch of the day and the best part is no one noticed. As everyone was packing away I doodled this into my sketchbook as the model re clothed. Possibly the quickest sketch I have ever done that actually looked correct and while it is missing the head and the legs I think its quite accurate :)

Well this concludes life drawing for another week, I guess we are going to have to see if this little trait improves. My drawing has improved somewhat since starting this course so I'm glad for that.

Well have a good night everyone!

Over & Out,

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