Thursday, 9 February 2012

Unit 4: Story Telling - Supporting Visual Research

Hello Everyone,

I have been indulging on a little light research now that I have began visualising my character. I will upload my drawings once I have all of them, I just want to complete the set and then get opinions.

I will be moving onto drawing the props & factory setting now that I have this research collated. I'm kind of excited actually this will be an interesting way of approaching this brief.

Those that have seen my script (posted prior) you will know where & how this research applies to my narrative & overall 3 act structure.

Research is as follows:

I found this by googling the web and wanted it on file as reference for body types. I have books that do similar things but I feel this image breaks it down to simplistic forms. I just wanted this to set apart my beefy bodyguard from my rather wimpy employee.

The image above is my character: bodyguard research. I wanted to look at cartoon bodyguards this time more then real ones. I am going in for a comedic tale so it only felt right to look at comedic caricature. These are the best ones I could find ranging from exaggerated to real.

The image above is my prop: catapult research. I wanted to consider different types of catapult less conventional then the typical. I favour the one that looks very much like a crossbow, as opposed to the simple projectile. I guess we will have to find out which ends up working for the story.

Last but not least the image above is my environment: computer manufacturer. Most of my reference is comprised of real world images, but as Phil says you need to revert to real world if you are to understand how it functions. I have taken certain components and keyed them for reference this includes the office interior & key card door.

Well this concludes my key visual research for the chosen excerpts, no doubt I will be required to make a final influence map when the Red light crit is due to be in. When that happens I will include references from the other items used for my storyboard.

This concludes my little post for now, I will probably try and catch a few hours I slept the entire evening I think my clock is running backwards.

Take it easy people!

Over & Out,

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