Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Unit 4: Story Telling - Life Class Week 11 & 12

Hello Everyone,

Been meaning to post this up for a while now but have had a few issues on this end hence why I have been MIA. My dog hasn't bee doing too good so I've been feeling very unpreductive just constantly walking him hoping hes gonna be okay. Still I'm doing my best to put that to the side and get down to the last day or so of development.

I have quite a few posts to still put up, one of which is my treatment and new character profiles. Hopefully they will follow tonight, I just found out my power is being cut for 7 or so hours tomorrow so I'm working through the night so I can sleep through the waste of time.

Anyway enough moaning, lets get onto life class...

Figure 1 (above) shows the quick sketch phase of week 11, we are still very much working on the realms of perspective and how much of a nightmare it can be. But this was just to warm up mainly, to get the mind around the figure in a quick and orderly fashion...

Figure 2 (above) shows more speed sketches, I actually found it easier to identify the centre line and how the spine was bending to build the pose. After all we are not drawing the model here we are drawing the action and the force that the action is creating. Force that is driven by a line of direction.

Figure 3 (above) was once again more speed sketches, in this case I made it a point to try and strive for more detail which required more confidence in my lines. I knew not to aim for so many, the shape is what is important. Block it out with shades of colour which charcoal is ideal for.

Figure 4 (above) came from the lessons learnt above. The first still had a lot of focus on line but I began to step away and try to let the shape speak to me not the line. This is what created the second image on the page... completely devoid of line just shapes with my centre line still directing the gesture.

Figure 5 (above) was built from my own need to understand the gesture line. Which flows clearly through this image, I wanted to look at the perspective of the line and how it could shape the body. It had great results as this image feels like it could walk off of the page. I am quite proud of this image to say the least...

Figure 6 (above) was to understand the gesture line from a static stance. This is much more difficult as a dynamic pose is composed of movement. What I wanted to convey with this image was the curve of her front which could easily be identified by her gesture. It was difficult but I think it's getting there...

Figure 7 (above) was me rebelling slightly. I wanted to understand the tone a little more. The lights and dark's can elude me sometimes, the purpose here was not to nail the entire body, but to understand what tone is happening on her chest. It was rather difficult but I like how it kind of blends off into nothing... something about it...

Figure 8 (above) was a difficult concept indeed. Not only was the pose dynamic but there was some severe perspective going on here. I kept the sketch loose, but dropping illustrating the force of gravity on her chest and arms. To look at it now it feels very zombie, but it feels very dynamic I have to say.

Anyway, that should conclude life class for this unit, I guess we will have to see how I get on this time. We are just going to have to let loose and finally chillax on crit day.

Take it easy everyone!

Over & Out,

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