Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Unit 4: Story Telling - Reverse Chronology

Hello Everyone,

Weighing every ones idea of Comedy vs my own desire to do something serious is something I have been battling with today. I decided to refresh my thinking by getting to something that I knew I was doing (aka the Unit 4 Assignment). I have chosen Memento as the story inspired me to the point that I really wanted to write story's.

Phil told me to look at Non Linear Narratives in order to delve into the Genre of my essay. When doing so I stumbled into numerous terms but the one that means the playing of a narrative backwards is "Reverse Chronology". When doing this I reflected back to my post yesterday and thought...

"What an idea... an assassination attempt that runs backwards".

I then expanded into a video that I saw some time back that inspired me the moment I saw it even though the game was a total bust: "Dead Island". The trailer intrigued me to the point that I wanted to know about the characters even though I hate the Zombie genre.

It was so sad but Jesus did it convey something to me. Please check it out if it doesn't touch you I don't know how else the Zombie genre can.

From this I came up with a way to use my prop my environment & my character, briefly but effectively. We are talking 1 minute here its hardly enough time to get to know them anyway. More importantly I found a way of incorporating a small element of conspiracy which I personally love (to those that know about the Black Book - know what I'm talking about).

I haven't even saved the notepad but I jotted it down all the same, this draft couldn't get any more rough and beaten down. I haven't even spell checked it but I wanted to show this is usually how I work out my initial story premises. Rough cut in a notepad (not word document) not spell checked but they read to me how originally conceived.

I like how this short ends as well because it leaves questions & I love that in anything. As Phil has said to me numerous times "a hunch is your mind trying to tell you something". It is telling me something here...

I love the way that I'm dealing with the prop first in a completely different context its an innocent way of bursting a kids bubble (so to speak), a trauma that one is never likely to get over. I love the way the setting is introduced after the bodyguard makes his appearance. Everything I drew from the box is secondary to something more haunting going on in the background, from this place no one can see.

Again I don't want to commit to this until I have you guys opinion... but, damn I love the idea of this. I still have the comedy angle to consider but I am very strongly feeling this direction.

Anyway, please give me your honest thoughts I can understand if you guys still would prefer the comedy angle. Let me know people!

Over & Out,


  1. I think the reverse chronology has potential, Stitch, but the factory is not working hard enough as an origination point for your narrative; right now your factory could be a 'hotel' or a 'railway station' - or anything. What is the relationship of the factory (and it's purpose) to everything else that goes on? Why would it need a body guard? If it was a cosmetics factory (animal rights activists?), perhaps - or, if your story was a parallel version of Willy Wonka, with some unlucky kid who didn't get a golden ticket, trying any manner of things to get past the bodyguard... Use the factory - make sense of that...

  2. Hey Phil,

    I kind of took this factory as being the opening of a factory. You know with the red ribbon something that a presidential candidate or renowned person may be involved with.

    They would have their bodyguards, and for some reason they are the target for an assassination attempt.

    So the factory could be a nuclear power plant or something of that nature. Something that people may or may not want in their local neighbourhood. This concept would be aimed at the exterior of the factory as opposed to the interior.

    The opening ceremony is a perfect oppertunity for assassination.

    The guys who stand outside of a factory are not body guards are they? They are security guards unless someone of fame is inside.