Thursday, 2 February 2012

Unit 4: Story Telling - Influence Maps

Hello Everyone,

Just thought I would compile my influence maps for every ones viewing pleasure. I have a map for each developmental component of my script, other components will be extra when I get to drawing the concept art for my chosen excerpts.

I have considered additional avenues now that I am contemplating 2 additional ideas (whatever they may be). It is from this that I have decided to contemplate a comedy angle for at least one of them because that is the most obvious.

I will expand a little on these ideas for this post with their relevant influence map.

Influence Map #1 - Prop: Catapult

When browsing around it dawned on me how often Link (from the Legend of Zelda Franchise) uses projectile weaponry to trigger certain switches & levers to open doors to dungeons etc. This ideal revolved back into the bow and arrow & its origin (Robin Hood), I found myself asking questions like a catapult requires precision what could it trigger?

From here I decided to revert to my prior planning and look into elastics - plastic bands (could be comedic). My guitar idea is still an influence as I like the idea of guitars being used as Catapults it just humours me. The Last image is a final reflection on the bow and arrow - Quite possibly what my second idea will be on.

Influence Map #2 - Environment: Factory

For this map I kept my Guitar factory a central idea - I still like the idea of a Guitar factory even if its a comedy. I was thinking Marty Mcfly in Doc Browns lab when he strikes a power chord and the amp blows him back. Next I found myself considering a Toy Factory - very comedy I put a woman holding two plastic guns, I can see someone dropping a gun and fighting in a whole load of plastic guns to find the real one. A serious fight in a not so serious environment.

Next I decided to look into Phil's idea of a bodyguard protecting a factory owner be they good or bad (hence the chocolate factory - willy wonka). From there I considered a factory exterior in case my characters exit the factory. Last but not least a Newspaper factory - the idea continues to intrigue me but I'm not sure how I could use it... yet...

Influence Map #3 - Character: Bodyguard

Last but not least came my character - ever important. Everybody who saw my first post saw my idea of a bubbly night watchman - not serious kind of homely thrown into a tragedy (thought of mind). From here I moved into the atypical American security guard there is something magnetic about the padded jacket - I don't know why but I like it.

From here I decided to embrace the funny which brought about Ben Stiller from "Night at the museum". I thought from here I could set my security guard in a prop factory (which would allow the catapult to make its appearance) - who knows. Last but not least probably a more diminished idea now is the ever serious bodyguard which is still a viable option.

This research has been helpful, we are going to have to see how many alternate ideas I can come up with tomorrow :) I have a couple cooking in my mind right now but I don't want to force it. I'm just going to let pencil touch paper and see what happens.

Hope everyone is having a good night :)
Take it easy people!

Over & Out,

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