Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Unit 4: Story Telling - "The Long Shot" Animatic Final Version

Hello Everyone,

Well I can say that today has been very fun & a little challenging. Finding the resources such as sound etc, is probably what took the longest. In the end I decided to record some of the stuff myself (your just going to have to guess which ones I recorded).

I think this version of the video flows quite nicely but I guess we will have to see what the final verdict is on D-Day. I may have more time left then I thought as I severely wanted to overestimate this task after the last one.

My strategy this time is simple, get the main objective & then get the others. I refuse to be sitting there on crit day unprepared.

I think this animatic communicates everything well & give or take 7 seconds is within the 1 minute guideline. I will check this with Phil which even if it was a problem, the worst case would only have me trimming the length of some scenes.

Well I hope anyone around has watched & enjoys this little story, thanks for every ones aid in getting it finalised. For those of you that are curious about the music it is:

Mysterious Fortune by Shaun Frearson at

Take it easy everyone!!

Over & Out,


  1. Hey Stitch - good to see you in such an organised place - but I wonder about some of those transitions you've got going on in this animatic? The various wipes etc. I know you're using them to emulate doors and windows opening - but I actually find them a bit distracting - or, at least, not neutral; I'm bringing it up here, because I'd only bring it up in the crit and there's time for you to perhaps go back in and swap those transitions for another means of communication - maybe some additional panels? What do you think?

  2. Hey Phil,

    Sure, I put the transitions in to cut the length of the Animatic down some. If you dont mind me adding a few seconds here and there I can place some of my other panels back in that were cut due to length. Do you dislike all of the door/window opening transitions? or just some? I kind of liked the use on the elevator, again just let me know if this is all okay...

    Cheers Phil!