Thursday, 2 February 2012

Unit 4: Story Telling - Idea #1: "Thought of Mind" Revision

Hello Everyone,

I have drafted a Version 2 of this idea primarily due to my lack of dealing with the prop (a catapult). As it turns out the prop object has to achieve its action to be acceptable (i.e. A guitar that is not used as a catapult is not a catapult). Now, with that being said I came up with an awesome way to use the guitar as a catapult (I have no idea why I didn't think of it before).

My guitar will act as a catapult that will cause a chain reaction of mayhem (think of it as a small slant towards chaos theory). To those that don't know of the butterfly effect, it is thought that where a small change (such as a butterfly flapping its wings) can result in larger changes in a later state (i.e. a hurricane can happen in response to that butterfly's wings).
In the case of my story it is in fact the guitarists miscalculation of a full bend (bending a guitar string 2 entire octaves above its location on the guitar neck) that causes the string to catapult the plectrum from his hand. Following this chaos ensues, the guitar string breaks hitting our protagonist "James" which in turn causes him to drop the guitar (snapping the rest of the strings). James stands to retrieve his plectrum & guitar only to trip on a guitar lead and knock over a row of guitar racks. Hearing the commotion the night guard makes his appearance.

I drew up this little idea (above) on the train ride home after having a discussion with Phil about it. After this post I will happily let this idea go but I like it so I don't want to do so unless I'm totally sure this is just another "Red Balloon" as Phil would put it lol (you like that Phil? lol). The sketch is as rough as old boots but I just had to prove to myself that this could work (and it can).

The image above is the revised original draft with a section that I wrote when I got in inspired from the sketch I knocked up. This version actually reads brilliantly to me but again I could be wrong. I will come up with 2 additional ideas tomorrow and get them up on here asap, not so much floundering next time. Meg likes this idea (can't tell you how pleased that makes me because I do too), that being said Phil is right - ideas are cheap I could think up something better tomorrow so I am willing to try that...

The image above shows the revised synopsis which just came naturally after the idea had gone through the notepad draft. To those that are interested I have been researching royalty music to try to find something to go with this concept and I found something that is perfect. I used it some years back in college as a part of our sound project only this version is a solo guitar number (of course). Anyway its here please check it out if you get the time. It's called "Pachelbel - Canon In D". The link above will take you to the royalty version I found.

Last but not least are my Original order of scenes vs my Reverse Chronology version (shown above). I agree with Meg on this story it works much better backwards as opposed to my original bodyguard etching. It's been an interesting experience thinking of things backwards but order was restored when I went from the forward original & converted it backwards (as Meg suggested). Things are lost sometimes when you just dive into things you "think" will work. This is why I am not negating the possibility of 2 other ideas which I will work on tomorrow.

Well with all of this said I am clearing my mind ready to tackle the challenge of a secondary & tertiary idea (should they work better). I have to be willing not to settle on the first few ideas I get, I really do get the feeling that I am missing out on finding something truly amazing. If I don't, oh well I can return to this... it's still here & I am not losing anything.

We will see what kind of ideas I get for Idea 2 & 3. Again I don't wish to spend too long on this process but I don't think another day or so will hurt, before I get set on drafting my first script (actually committing to an idea).

Well see you tomorrow for some Maya & Premiere fun.
Take it easy people!

Over & Out,

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