Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Unit 4: Story Telling - Idea #1: "Thought of Mind"

Brief: A troubled ex-guitarist breaks into a guitar manufacturers & is caught playing his favourite instrument in the early hours by the night watchman.

Hello Everyone,

I have been working hard thinking of alternative ways to work things, still content as I am to work on something serious. I had this little idea pop into my head, again not sure if it can count towards this I have taken a slight liberty with the catapult by manifesting it into a Guitar:

Nylon (elastic) Wire connecting 2 sides of wood with a hole in the middle (sort of a catapult isn't it? You do pull on the strings after all)

The advantage here also is there are such things as guitar manufacturers meaning I can achieve something quite deep and meaningful here, something I have been keen to try out. Below are the steps I took to reach the Guitar from my run of the Mill Catapult:

This idea is more thought out then my other and I think it will convey the level of depth that I want this storyboard to convey. I just wasn't sure if this kind of conversion was allowed but I knew the factory would work perfect with it.

I can almost imagine all of those guitar bodies hanging from racks in this factory. A few that are lower and more complete - some painted & some not. From all of these choices our protagonist "James" does not wish to take some eye-sore, he's got something on his mind and he has to let it out.

Someone once told me that a Guitar chooses you (a cliche I know) but sometimes you can feel a little buzz when you pick one up, they are not always the best looking (hence why our protagonist James picks one that's plain because it best describes him).

The image above shows my initial planning into the idea (the brief is at the beginning of this post). This image just goes into a little more detail for those that would like to hear it. I'm still not ready to delve into the script until I have a thumbs up from you guys, until then I will continue thinking...

One of my favourite things about this concept is the name, I called it "The Music Man" originally but it just felt a little too obvious. I started delving into sad but I don't know if it conveys only sadness... I thought to myself...

"Sadness is an act of thought, next I found myself saying that's no thought of mine..."

I just added the D onto mine lol "Thought of Mind"

From here I began thinking about Phil's post specifically his liking of the Reverse Chronology. So I constructed a reverse order in which the story could play out. I have to say this process was rather interesting as I only had an end not really a beginning but once I started writing it it actually felt right... I wanted a good impact to end on and an even bigger one to begin on so people didn't feel cheated after watching it.

This idea pretty much grew naturally after I dealt with the catapult angle. The incorporation of the night watchman was also a near last ditch effort but it felt more warm to call him a night watchman as opposed to some security guard lackey. Plus I could just hear the words "James & the Night guard" - sounds like a title in itself, or a lullaby.

Couldn't find too many Night Watchman images so this one will have to do, I just wanted this all on here so I had a little research as well as convey the idea as best it can. I have to say I'm quite proud of this little idea, I have been scratching my head for the best part of 2 hours and poof out it comes :)

I think this idea conveys all 3 areas of my chosen excerpts (illustrated on one of the images above). If anything looks or feels wrong please let me know but until then I will be going to bed and thinking up a small hurricane tomorrow.

Take it easy people!

Over & Out,

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  1. Seems interesting! In your first idea I wasn't certain about the reverse chronology, the elements didn't seem like they worked, but this one I think works better backwards than it would forwards. Just a suggestion for waaayyyy down the road, but you'd probably want to animate this 'forwards' and then reverse it rather than trying to figure out how everything moves backwards.