Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Unit 4: Story Telling - "The Long Shot" Animatic Current Development

Hello Everyone,

Just thought I would post the animatic developments. I have the transitions pretty much where I want just adding sound now mainly. I purchased some music loops from purely because I thought the track was perfect for this little animatic.

The sound effects are currently being applied and are incomplete (as no doubt you can tell). It's quite fun I have to say, I just worry that it moves a little fast but I still think the story is pretty evident. There has already been cutting to bring the size down to a minute I'm hoping Phil will forgive the extra 8 seconds on my video, but I don't want to lose much more.

Anyway the current animatic is below!

Hope you enjoyed it and please feel free to drop your opinions in, you know how I love a bit of feedback! Well I'm going back to it, just thought I would keep you apprised of current developments, I may even sling it into after effects to get some camera shaking going on. We will see...

See you in the funny pages!

Over & Out,

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  1. Very awesome stitch!! :) some really good work on here, keep it up. im going to upload a whole bunch of stuff soon. had some problems; i had to sort out. but anyways i cant wait to see your final animatic :)