Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Unit 4: Story Telling - "The Long Shot" 3 Act Structure


The Setup

• Establishes “Controtech” factory layoffs via newspaper article
• Establishes hate mail introducing burglar protagonists Alastair & Damon
• Reveals blue print plans entitled “The Long Shot Plan A & Plan B”

Inciting Incident

• The blue prints lower revealing the factory in the distance
• A button is pressed causing an explosion near the factory (a distraction)
• Alastair & Damon sneak over to the factory
• Alastair locates the rear door to the factory


First Main Reversal

• Alastair begins picking the lock to the factory rear door, his lock pick breaks

The Increasing Conflict

• Damon reveals a crowbar from his belt; he wedges it into the frame of the door.
• Alastair & Damon begin pulling on the crowbar together to break the door lock

Seeming Defeat

• The crowbar bends leaving Alastair & Damon exhausted & frustrated


Pre-Climax Build

• The security guard returns from the distraction & discovers Alastair resting near the door
• The security guard chases Alastair leaving a crouching Damon near the door entrance

Climax/Anti Climax

• Damon action’s “plan B” pressing a button removing the roof from his truck, revealing a badly built wooden catapult
• Damon climbs on board the catapult and presses the fire button
• The catapult misfires, shooting Damon into the floor


• Alastair surveys his partner in crime getting arrested
• Alastair shakes his head & walks off into the night
• A newspaper article “Ex employee caught stealing” with Damon’s mug shot shown

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