Friday, 3 February 2012

Unit 4: Story Telling - Idea Storm

Hello Everyone,

After taking on board lots of advice & critique, having discussions with friends & family I have compiled a small list of finalised ideas (the top 6). I didn't want to consider alternatives but I am glad that I have now, this could lead to other possibilities.

Right now your opinions are required for the project to go forward, I will not say which I prefer so it does not influence your vote in any way. Please make your decisions & if you could give me the reason you like it so I can choose to elaborate more on specific parts.

I will not waste your time any longer the ideas are below with the relevant 3 act break down.

Most already know about my original idea (image above). It was felt that I was not exploring past my own desire to develop something as soon as possible. Thinking back I have come to agree that usually with me the first idea is the one I go with, it is something to say that I am pleased I have isolated so in the future I do not just go with my initial gut feeling. To those of you that wish to read more into my original idea go here or here.

Following further discussions with Phil I moved past my original idea (gritting my teeth) idea 2 (image above) I wrote on the train ride home which seemed to be the most obvious in my mind. Idea 2 was me dealing directly with the prop - (catapult) the one part I have been trying to run from. This had the Catapult being some new must have toy for our child character & him defying his father to acquire it.

Idea 3 (shown above) was my stab at something completely bizarre. I just emptied my mind on the train & started writing before I knew it I had constructed a fictional kind of bodyguard that takes abuse from people directly (i.e. if someone spat at this person it would be the abuse guards duty to dive in front of the spit to take it on the behalf of their client). With intrigue I then considered a first account where this guy who has a bizarre job finally relays one of his latest assignments and it being totally hilarious.

Idea 4 was thought up after I had showered with a little classical music playing in the background (very not me) but it helped awaken something. I conjured up this scrooge type tale where an ex security guard who has never understood fun or toys is thrown into the role of a toyshop factory owner. His employees try to make him see the error of his ways but ultimately it is something beset in this mans past that sent him on the path of misery (enter catapult) - only clue your getting.

Idea 5 (above) was a mix of different ideas all piled into one. It had dawned on me earlier that all my stories had male chief characters so I felt a female look was required. To top it off the client of this body guard is renowned and evil (playing off the chocolate factory angle that Phil suggested). It is then left down to this bodyguard who chooses to defy her employer.

Last but not least came Idea 6 quite possibly the most morbid of all of my ideas. I could say that this caters to that darkness inside of me that I know is there and yet I don't know why. When studying mirrors for Unit 3 I felt as though I had found something, from thinking about that I threw words onto a napkin (I kid you not) while I was round my sisters place. I just got thinking about this kid that gets trapped inside a mirror through no fault of his own. The first kid to ever break a mirror.

I have purposely kept my opinion out of this post, I do not wish it to influence anything. I just want people to isolate what they think would work as an animated short. So if you could please get back to me as soon as you can.

I want to get working on the first draft as soon as possible, your ideas and thoughts will be considered greatly for this unit.

Right with all of that being said I will get cracking on other things.
Take it easy people & please let me know as soon as you can :)

Over & Out,


  1. I really like Idea 4. It seems to have the most context to it. (though I get the feeling you like your idea 6 best). It's what you said about him being like scrooge that I liked. If you MADE him like scrooge it would really work. You could work your story around the past, present, future concept but be inventive, there doesn't have to be a spiritual being... it could be flashbacks or the employees dressing up an pretending to be the ghosts.

    However, I always feel that the ending is the focus of a story. Sure the opening has to capture an audience and the story has to be a good one but if the endings not there or its there because you have cap it off at some point the whole story falters. Go with the story that you think has the most rounded ending and build everything around leading to that resolution.

    I could be talking crazy, just my opinion, but tends to help me. :)

    p.s. 'mr magorium's wonder emporium' all about a guy leaving his toy shop to his employee! I always thought it looked a bit pants... actually an amazing film!

  2. Sammy thanks for commenting :) I like your take on idea 4 I have to say. RE: Idea 6 lol nah I like it about as much as anything else, personally I liked the guitar story lol. Thank you for your opinion on this I could get to do a nice time paradox thing wuld be quite interesting.

    Yeah I know what you mean, It's not in my nature to rush endings lol I kinda let them flow out you can usually tell if something doesnt fit... The catapult felt like a way I could convey his corrupted innocence maybe he breaks his fathers window with it and his father has a go at him telling him not to be immature and to be a man. Words which were so powerful they stopped him from enthusing in later life...

    Your not crazy mate, very wise but hey we knew that :)

    hmmm I will consider investing in a little more research at some point soon...

    Thanks again Sam :)

  3. I'm going to largely agree with Sammy. #4 resonates the most with me, though it may be because I love Scrooge-type characters. #6 is also possible, but I feel that all your stories drop off at the third act. None of them feel like there's actually any resolution - it's just 'this happens, then this happens, then this happens'. None of these really have endings, just cut-off points. I do like the little bit of backstory you gave for #4 - makes the Scrooge seem a lot more human, and gives him some personal demons to overcome.

  4. I really love idea 4 :D its such an emotional story, im just picturing it in my head! talking about the bond between father and son is always very visually pleasing. you should try and use a lot of different camera shots focusing on the kid's reactions to the toys and then you can slowly focus on the bodyguard's reaction changing! very good work, the scrooge aspect of the story is always the one to watch. Try watching 'A Christmas Carol' with Jim Carey to get a few ideas of the different flashbacks and cinematography :) keep it up man, well done!!