Saturday, 4 February 2012

Unit 4: Story Telling - Premiere Pro Exercise - Initial Edit

Hello Everyone,

Just pasting in the result of yesterdays lesson, its a bit sketchy but I dunno its just a little play. Found the ability to cut and crop sound very nice and the pause forward reverse keys are the bomb seriously...

Above is my video, I kinda cut it a little like a documentary but the transitions are something I need to know for true fluidness. I just hope that the copyright police don't do me for posting it.

Well that concludes this post :)
Take it easy!

Over & Out,


  1. Hi – please don’t ignore this information – it’s important you order your animation materials NOW – delivery can take up to 3 weeks and you can’t participate in the animation workshops without the requisite materials. (If you’re organized already, ignore this prompt!).

    In the past, students have clubbed together to buy a pack of paper between them so at least they’ve got something to get started with; but trust me on this – you’re going to want a pegbar of your own!

  2. your video is set as private :( I can't be nosy!

  3. Phil: I already have mine at home :) You can chillax I'm all set...

    Sammy: I have changed it to unlisted... completely forgot that private blocked it from all viewers... DOH!!