Saturday, 4 February 2012

Unit 4: Story Telling - Maya Exercises, Week 1 - Squash & Stretch

Hello Everyone,

I decided to use today to have a play with animation and the amazing graph editor. After finishing off the Bouncing Ball I moved onto the Bowling Ball with an understanding that there will be less Squash & Stretch then the Bouncing Ball (obviously).

I had to increase the duration between the Ball landing to allow it sufficient "Air Time". The weight of the Ball is illustrated by its impact but I didn't want to overdo it. The video I studied had a tiny amount of squash & stretch (or so I could see).

Anyway the videos are below:

The video above is my bouncing ball, I'm quite proud of this little animation while it probably isn't the best I'm still glad that I built it to this calibre. I rendered this video and threw it in after effects to add my background on (I didn't want a boring black background).

The video above is my bowling ball, something Alan asked us to try as a little homework experiment. I have to say it was a bit daunting at first not really knowing where to start but I found a reference video on youtube that I started to follow. For this video there was no guide so I kind of had to pay close attention to the minute squash & stretch as well as the hang time of the ball as it impacted the ground. These values are still very suggestible, I'm just hoping its correct in some manor.

Well this concludes my 3D Animation of Unit 4 - Week 1. I'm kind of liking this, its actually quite cool isolating these little changes in animation. Stay cool people & to those that haven't done it yet please keep reeling in your opinions on my Idea storm below.


Over & Out,

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