Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Unit 4: Story Telling - "The Long Shot" Idea Version 2

Character: Bodyguard - Andreas (Obstacle)
Environment: Factory - Controtech (Computer Manufacturer)
Prop: Catapult - Entry Point (Climax)


A tale of retribution where the working class reveal their implosive traits to once again tilt the scales of justice in their favour.

Log Line

Machine operator Alastair wants retribution for getting laid off from his job by infamous corporate tyrant Miles Harkin. The only thing standing in his way is Harkin’s private bodyguard Andreas, a brute who has the brawn of a ship with the size to match. Just how far will Alistair go to come face to face with “the Tyrant”?


Machine operator Alastair is laid off from his job at the “Controtech” factory due to staff cuts imposed by the infamous CEO Miles Harkin a.k.a. “the Tyrant”. Alastair wants revenge on Harkin but to do so he has to get past Harkins pocket-giant Andreas, a bear of a man who is known for his extracurricular activities & cunning. Alastair’s only option is to defy “the Giant” & aim longingly for the window that will eventually lead him to “the Tyrant”.

Three Act Structure


The Setup

• Alastair enters the Controtech factory & scans his ID card which fails to open the door to the factory floor
• An irate Alastair tries swiping the card numerous times with each attempt failing to open the door

Inciting Incident

“The Giant” Andreas appears wielding a piece of paper
• The paper is Alastair’s notice which declare he is being laid off
• An irate Alastair throws the paper on the floor & begins yelling at Andreas
• Andreas picks up Alastair with one hand & throws him outside like a Javelin


First Main Reversal

• Alastair returns to the factory at night, he begins picking the lock of the exterior factory door
• The door opens to Alastair’s surprise, he steps through the door & is met by a giant fist
• Andreas takes Alastair’s lock pick & re-enters the factory door, locking it behind him

The Increasing Conflict

• Alastair notices an open window on the third floor of the Controtech Factory, he throws a repel hook & begins climbing the building
• Alastair does not notice that Andreas is pulling him up to the window
• Andreas smacks Alastair causing him to fall to the ground
• Andreas retrieves the repel hook & closes the third floor window

Seeming Defeat

• Alastair picks himself up from the floor dazed, he stumbles from the scene in the way in which he came


Pre-Climax Build

• Alastair returns dragging a massive contraption masked in assorted rags, he rummages under the rags to reveal a retractable viewfinder, he aims the viewfinder at the highest window of the Controtech factory
• Alastair removes the rags from the contraption to reveal a life sized catapult

Climax/Anti Climax

• Alastair jumps on board the catapult and fires himself to the top floor of the Controtech factory
• Alastair impacts the glass like a bug on a wind shield
• A sign on the glass reads “Bullet proof glass”


• While stuck to the top floor window Alastair see’s Andreas enter & sit at the CEO’s desk
• Andreas sits at the computer and types in the username “Tyrant”
• Alastair then realises that “the Giant” he had been dealing with was the infamous “Tyrant” all along

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